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Sublime Vape & Concentrates

A cannabis concentrate is any cannabis product procured through an extraction process. Basically, we strip away the compounds from the plant, leaving behind a cannabinoid rich product.

The benefits? You get a THC or CDB (non-psychoactive) rich product with huge amounts of therapeutic potential. Our concentrates can be vaporized, administered orally or taken through a variety of other methods.

Isn’t science awesome?

Take part in a Sublime vaping experience that maintains the highest standards of our quality extracts. We combine the new Jupiter Pen Liquid-9 reactor technology with our Sublime artificially flavored oils for an efficient, fast acting delivery of high doses of THC.

Acquaint yourself with the Jupiter Pen’s active feedback system: a soft vibration that lets you know the pen is working, when the battery is low and when it’s time to recharge. The active feedback takes place of light up components that would otherwise draw attention to use. Sublime’s L-9 vape cartridges come in child proof, air tight travel bottles designed specifically to maintain the pressure inside of the chamber and prevent leaks.

Pick up a Jupiter Pen with a Sublime Vape cartridge today and you’ll be introduced to a new way to experience cannabis.

The Science Behind the Jupiter Pen:

  • Secured mouthpiece and hidden oil chamber prevent accidental exposure to non-patients, children and pets.
  • New ceramic reactor technology specifically designed to heat high viscosity oils to vapor point – does not utilize a traditional wick and coil that can burn too hot.
  • Silver-plated magnetic base ensures a positive and quick connection between battery and oil cartridge.
  • Durable magnesium alloy body encases a 320mAH Li-ion battery and state-of- the-art components.

Not a Dispensary? Here’s Where to Buy

Sublime Brands is available at Arizona State Licensed Dispensaries