The OG (Kush)

Sublime Flower

Cannabis, Marijuana, Pot, Reefer, Ganja, Weed

Sublime Flower is grown indoors, with each step of the process carefully monitored by our staff. We have over 20 individual growing containers, each with their own perfect environment for the plants inside. Our cultivation team keeps up with the latest technologies, sciences, and innovations in the cannabis industry to ensure we continue to produce the best possible medicine for our patients.

It all starts with great genetics. We pick and choose our strains carefully to ensure healthy, happy, plants from start to finish. We propagate our strongest, best preforming plants by cloning: a process in which cuttings are taken from a “mother” plant, and then replanted. We are also always on the look for new, powerful, genetics developed by scientist and cannabis gurus around the world in order to bring the latest developments in cannabis sciences to patients here in Arizona.

Cannabis is a weed that grows prevalent around the world without much help, but growing quality cannabis medicine is a scientific discipline that takes years of practice and is ever evolving. Our cultivation team has a wealth of experience working with cannabis and are open to continue learning new, better-refined processes everyday. We regularly bring in industry leaders for insight and to help shape our direction.

Not a Dispensary? Here’s Where to Buy

Sublime Brands is available at Arizona State Licensed Dispensaries