Infused with Champagne Distillate

Sublime Elevated Cannabis Edibles

Eat, drink and be merry!

If you’re looking for a full-body experience, try a Sublime edible. With a more intense potency, you’ll experience hours of a whole-body experience.

Champagne Distillate is Sublime Brand’s best cannabis concentrate. We use whole cannabis plant and food grade pure ethanol to extract all the available cannabinoids through our proprietary process. We then micron filter all the undesirable plant particulate and lipids from the ethanol extract. The cleared product is then decarboxylated to make all the cannabinoids fully bioavailable when eaten. Finally, we use a distillation process to remove chemical impurities that other extraction methods can leave behind. This gives us a solvent-less, 100% bioavailable, Champagne colored product that contains 92%+ total cannabinoids.

Master Crafted. Small Batch.

Not a Dispensary? Here’s Where to Buy

Sublime Brands is available at Arizona State Licensed Dispensaries