Frequently Asked Questions

Sublime is proud to offer wholesale orders for our high-quality flower, edibles, and concentrates to Arizona state licensed dispensaries.

Sublime is a leading producer of medical marijuana products in Arizona. We can be found in medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the state. Look for our sweet logo on all of our products! Or, ask one of the humans at the dispensary!
Sublime is only available in state licensed medical marijuana dispensaries. Use our Sublime Map to find a dispensary near you.

We pride ourselves in our extensive selection of medical marijuana products. So yes, we most likely do. You can double check on our product selection page here.

We produce deluxe medical-grade marijuana, so we aren’t going to be cheap, but you’ll be glad that you invested in a premium product. Prices range depending on product type and amount you wish to buy. Contact your local dispensary to see what’s available near you.

Great question! The amount of dose you require is dependent on a multitude of factors – your weight, the potency of the product you’re using, your tolerance and your pain level, to name a few. Visit our dosing guide for a complete rundown.

The Arizona Department of Health Services handles all applications. Find out if you qualify as a patient by visiting their website, here.

Yes, we totally should. But we totally can’t if you don’t share your ideas! Send us your idea at You can also try a carrier pigeon, but we aren’t entirely sure how those work. And definitely don’t fax us; we for sure don’t know how that works.

For a complete description of the laws, check out our breakdown of the laws… infographic style!
We don’t practice Santeria or have a crystal ball, either.

Not a Dispensary? Here’s Where to Buy

Sublime Brands is available at Arizona State Licensed Dispensaries